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s LOVED their Underoos in the early and mid-80s. Who didn’t want to feel like a super hero in their underwear?

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The Pioneer Woman Plowing through Life in the CountryOne Nut at a Time

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History. Underoos were developed as a product idea in 1977 by an independent entrepreneur, Larry Weiss, who obtained licenses for the four major comic character groups (DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Hanna-Barbera, Archie Comics) which included Superman, Batman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Superteen, Spider-Man, and Captain …

To Jim – I first met Christopher Reeve on the set of the first Superman movie being filmed in London. I was on vacation and had stopped en route to Egypt.

Tonight, my husband shared with me a poem that he found on Facebook. A poem that made me cry. A poem that gave me a renewed joy for the little things in life.

The other day I was watching TV and this ad came on for glitzy, casino holidays in Oklahoma. God help the ad executives who were trying their darndest to make Oklahoma look sophisticated and “fun.”

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We’ve seen Eugene’s story. But during his last day’s in Vietnam, he finally learns how Ha survived the war. She’s always been much stronger than him; and much stronger than he’s given her credit for. With all their secrets gone, Ha …