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Straw Cowman Hats & Felt Cowman Hats Information starting with brief historical events, straw hat types, felt hat types, and making straw and felt hats, and hat care tips.

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The Asian Airhead trope as used in popular culture. A stereotype used in various media, mainly within the last few decades. More or less, the Asian …

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The Asian conical hat, commonly known as an Asian rice hat, coolie hat (in the UK), or farmer’s hat, is a simple style of conical hat originating in East, South, and Southeast Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, parts of Russian Manchuria and Vietnam.

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A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or straw-like materials from different plants or synthetics. The hat is designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke, but straw hats are also used …

An index page listing Asian Index content. An index for tropes dealing with Asia (more specifically, countries to the east of Bangladesh and India and to the …

Kasa is a term used for group of different traditional Japanese hats. Word kasa turns into gasa when preceded by a word specifying the exact type of hat.

February 1999. Asian Traditional Archery Grip on the Bow. From Soon See I read in a book called Arab Archery (which is a translation of a manuscript written in the 15th century) that Arabic bow has its center located at the point which is one finger width below the top of the grip.

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