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Look the part. Play like a pro. Use the best, Dorfman Mens Boonie MC288 Hat from

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Army Surplus World carries the USED Black Army PT Shorts. The USED Army Black PT Shorts are 100% nylon with drawstring and elastic waist. The USED Army PT Shorts in black have an ID pocket.

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Camo Cream comes in 3 – 1 oz. tubes. Woodland colors include: flat black, mud brown, and leaf green

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The FAST Helmet system is the first one designed from the ground up that takes all these different factors into consideration, and is designed to work with each of …

Advanced all-terrain camo available to governments, military, professional security force, defense contractors, and manufacturers. Uniforms or bulk fabrics.

US Army Official Gen III ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Seven Layer Clothing System. The complete system features seven levels of protection to provide the broadest range of defense from unpredictable environmental conditions.

Cast into legend by the long range reconnaissance patrols of MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War, the Boonie Hat is an icon of adventure and perseverance. Our Scout RS Boonie Hat carries on that legacy, blending modern materials with the original recce-style design featuring a low-profile crown and narrow brim.

Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ Classic copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ has been renowned for decades for it’s superior …

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Perfect for costumes, s or light wear. Specifications: High traction Panama tread soles are oil resistant, Smooth leather toe and heel reinforcements take a great shine. Screen vents and canvas/nylon uppers stay cool and dry quickly. Steel-Shank for la

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MACV-SOG Living History Group and it aims to faithfully portray the units of MACV-SOG (Military Assistance & Command Vietnam Studies & Observation Group) in the period of 1964-1972 during the Vietnam conflict. The aim of the group is to understand the missions MACV-SOG undertook during the Vietnam War by exploring its tactics and equipment …

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