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“When it comes to obtaining vital records from the United States with the ultimate goal to present such documents in a foreign country, certified copies are a must.

Certified Russian translation services: $19.95 per document. USCIS and WES accepted. Birth certificates, Diplomas, Transcripts. Ukrainian and Russian official translations.

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Color Code: Red links are to sites only in Russian. Gray links have English available.. What is “The Library?” Contact the editor . 1. Online …

Jan 31, 2018 · The Obama administration passed classified documents detailing Russian political and electoral interference in Europe to the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee days before President Trump’s inauguration, the conservative group Judicial Watch revealed on Wednesday.

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The topline takeaway of Friday’s special counsel indictment of 13 Russian nationals is probably that the Department of Justice has now officially documented a number of specific instances in which Russian operatives (allegedly) attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election. Many of these

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DOCUMENTS ON DEMAND FROM RUSSIA. Foreign nationals have the right to obtain all types of documents on-demand regarding their vital records from the territory of the Russian Federation as per the requirements for requesting Documents on Demand as set by the Administrative Code.

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Our company provides certified translation services from Russian into English and vice versa in the United States. We are engaged in the translation of various personal and corporate documents from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries, the main language of which is Russian.

Nghia Hoang Pho, a former employee of the National Security Agency, pleaded guilty to storing classified documents that were stolen by Russian hackers.

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