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ECW on TNN, also known as ECW Wrestling, was an American professional wrestling television program that aired on The Nashville Network (TNN, now Paramount Network).Created by Paul Heyman, the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), it presented original ECW matches on Friday nights and was the only national television program in ECW…

What can I say. I am weak. One of my painting service’s customers commissioned me to paint a whole heap of Peter Pig ECW figures recently. It’s one of Peter Pig’s ranges that I had little experience of.

A discursive look at Napoleonic & ECW wargaming, plus a load of old Hooptedoodle on this & that

– Former WWE / ECW wrestler Colin Delaney opened a comics / caffeine / pop culture shop in his hometown of Rochester, NY earlier this month called PopRoc, which is located at 337 East Avenue. On top of collectibles, comic books, coffee and energy drinks, they have video games, wrestling toys, videos

Working with others in WWE aside from Brock Lesnar: “As long as Brock is in WWE. I don’t think it makes sense to work with someone else.” Managing The Undertaker (before he was The Deadman) in 1990:

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House Party 96 – Philadelphia, PA – ECW Arena – January 5, 1996 (1,150) Featured an opening segment in which Bill Alphonso interrupted Joey Styles’ in-ring intro, with the two men arguing until Taz got in the ring, grabbed Styles, and threatened him in the corner; moments later, 911 made the save leading to several wrestlers having to pull the

This should help keep things a bit more organized. Go to whatever section you want and click on the link you’re looking for. I’ll update this with every review I put up.

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As with the first Gigantour Sampler, this was free CD given out at the show. As with the first tour, the 2006 tour was a big success.

Nikki Bella announced her split with John Cena in April, and rumors have been flying ever since about the reasons behind their breakup as …

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While the show started out a ratings success, it began drawing criticism from fans of the original ECW early on. This was most evident by the negative crowd reaction “old college” fans gave the main event of Batista vs. Big Show at the August 1, 2006 show from Hammerstein Ballroom, which often held original ECW events while it was a company.

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