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United Productions of America, better known as UPA, was an American animation studio active from the 1940s through the 1970s. Beginning with industrial and World War II training films, UPA eventually produced theatrical shorts for Columbia Pictures, notably the Mr. Magoo series.

G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) was the first film to come out of the G.I. Joe franchise. It is in the original animated series timeline taking place after its …

Judy Garland (wym. [‘ d ʒ u ː d i ‘ ɡ ɑ ː r l ə n d]; ur. 10 czerwca 1922 w Grand Rapids, zm. 22 czerwca 1969 w Londynie) – amerykańska aktorka i piosenkarka.W ciągu trwającej czterdzieści pięć z czterdziestu siedmiu lat jej życia kariery zyskała status międzynarodowej gwiazdy, tak jako aktorka w musicalach i dramatach, jak i

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The No Pronunciation Guide trope as used in popular culture. In written works, sometimes it’s not obvious how to pronounce names that are given. Sure, it’s …

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Judy Garland, Actress: The Wizard of Oz. One of the brightest, most tragic movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era, Judy Garland was a much-loved character whose warmth and spirit, along with her rich and …

Red Buttons, Actor: The Poseidon Adventure. Although Red Buttons is best known as a stand-up comic, he is also a successful songwriter, an Academy Award-winning actor (and has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards) and an accomplished singer.

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¹ Op 16 april 2008 bracht Disney een speciale uitvoering van de dvd van de film De Aristokatten uit. Voor deze dvd is er een nieuwe Nederlandse nasynchronisatie gemaakt met o.a. Günther Neefs en Maaike Widdershoven.

AniMat’s other shows, looking at the various characters featured in Epic Mickey, reviewing the latest cinematic releases and and counting down his …

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The Aristocats (also stylized as The AristoCats ) is a 1970 animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released on December 24, 1970. The 20th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon, the film is based on a story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe, and revolves around a family of

Mad as a Mars Hare is a 1963 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian.The cartoon’s title is a play-on-words of the famous phrase to be “mad as a March hare”, the origins of which are disputed.

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