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Some folks after using the “GrooVy” come right back to get a second one, because they did not want something to happen to their new best friend. One gentleman said, “I’m not trying to be funny, but I don’t want to be caught with my pants down”.

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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ The video for this one isn’t available online, but Jimmy Kimmel said Trump and Kanye are “becoming quite a duo” on social media. “The president was so moved by Kanye’s words, he baby-thumbed this very gracious response: ‘Thank you Kanye, very cool.’

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A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing tobacco that is rolled into thin paper for smoking.Most cigarettes contain a “reconstituted tobacco” product known as “sheet”, which consists of “recycled [tobacco] stems, stalks, scraps, collected dust, and floor sweepings”, to which are added glue, chemicals and fillers; the product is then …

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Beavis and Butt-Head is an American adult animated sitcom created and designed by Mike Judge. The series originated from Frog Baseball, a 1992 short film by Judge originally aired on Liquid Television.

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Nov 20, 2017 · (CNN)A woman says Sen. Al Franken inappropriately touched her in 2010, telling CNN that he grabbed her buttocks while taking a photo at the Minnesota State Fair. It is the first allegation of improper touching by Franken, who is a Democrat, while he was in office. It comes just days after Leeann

Happy Butt N°7 Double Tummy Layer. So Comfy Like a Second Layer of Skin. This seamless breathable body shaper shapes your body without flattening your butt.

Mike, pain from the butt to the upper hamstring is either a glut max or piriformis problem. So if it’s the glut max then you look for the trigger points in the glut as I demonstrate and if it’s the piriformis, same thing for that muscle.

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UPDATE: Here is the official police statement: MURDER On Sunday the 11th November, 2012 at 8:00am acting upon information received, San Pedro Police visited 5 ¾ miles North of San Pedro Town where they saw 52 U.S National Mr. GREGORY VIANT FAULL, of the said address, lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot …

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The community for international homosexuals. BUTT started in 2001 as a pocket size magazine for and about faggots.

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I missed the sketch, but was urged by writer/comedian Mary Pryor to check it out early Sunday morning. I was, of course, horrified. My anger changed shape over …