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Spider-tailed horned viper (Pseudocerastes urarachnoides), also known as Persian viper, is a species of viper endemic to Iran. It was discovered/described in 2006, and what makes it interesting is its tail, which has evolved to look like a spider.

Jun 05, 2013 · Let’s face it, penises are sort of weird. We don’t know a ton about them because we don’t have them (obviously), they’re seemingly uncontrollable snake-like body parts hanging off of a dude and also they just look really funny.

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Idea of this site is to offer interesting facts about anything that could tickle your brain. There are many facts in this world that should be known by everyone.

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Do you want to know almost everything about Jesus life? Check out this Ultimate List of unknown, funny, interesting and historical facts about Jesus Christ.

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s Interesting Facts. Just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 liter bottles. Cows can have regional accents

Things You May Not Have Known. Explore our article that reviews penis facts. Unlike women who need a mirror and a yoga position, the penis is a very accessible organ to the men whom they belong to.

Penis Size . We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts.” But somehow it doesn’t make any difference, does it?

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Here are 22 Interesting Tortoise facts. 1-5 Tortoise Facts 1. The Giant Tortoise did not receive a scientific name for over 300 years due to the failure of delivery of specimens to Europe for classification due to their great taste, all were eaten on the voyage back by sailors, even by Charles Darwin.

Here are 36 interesting Hockey facts. 1-5 Hockey Facts Image credit: 1. 26.5 million Canadians tuned into the gold medal final in men’s hockey during the 2010 Winter Olympics.