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1. Humans, like the vast majority of species, reproduce sexually. This means that the reproduction of our species is achieved through the fusion of a female gamete with a male gamete to produce a new organism.

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Gender and sex Sex: a biological condition, i.e. defined as a set of physical characteristics Gender: a social construct (within the fields of cultural and gender

LANGUAGE AND GENDER Routledge Applied Linguistics is a series of comprehensive resource books providing students and researchers with the support they need for advanced study in the core

Definition of gender written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and …

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Since the social sciences now distinguish between biologically defined sex and socially constructed gender, the term gender is now also sometimes used by linguists to refer to social gender as well as grammatical gender.

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Language and gender for A-level English language.

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Gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language is language that avoids bias toward a particular sex or social gender. In English, this includes use of nouns that are not gender-specific to refer to roles or professions, as well as avoidance of the pronouns he, him and his to refer to people of unknown or indeterminate gender.

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Gender Differences in Communication. Communication is the means by which ideas and information are spread from person to person. People use communication to express feelings, emotions, opinions and values, to learn and teach, and to improve their status.

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The Gender-Neutral Language Controversy. by Michael D. Marlowe, 2001 (revised January 2005) “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day when God created man, he made him in the likeness of God.