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The Coital Alignment Technique or CAT is a great sex position for women that have a hard time having an orgasm during sex. Where as most positions don’t directly stimulate the clitoris the Coital Alignment Technique is a variation of the missionary position that’s designed to maximize clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

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If you like rough sex with your man and feeling him dominate you, then you need to use the Anvil sex position. It’s the perfect for feeling submissive.

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Discover how man on top sex positions, including the missionary position for lovemaking, can contribute to female and male sexual pleasure.

Illustrated sex positions guide. Looking for a hot new position for making love? Click here! Features ed erotic videos and step-by-step instructions.

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Sex position #140 – gy Style. Kamasutra. Direction is constant, that is passion, desire and pleasure, and of course the man directs, but in this

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45 Best Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try Freshen up your sex life with one of these variations to extend your sex position playbook By The Editors of Men’s Health December 29, 2014

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Sexual Positions. If there’s one thing that interests all of us, it’s information about sex positions. The search term “sex positions” receives about 10,000 searches a day on Google, and throws up about 3 million results.

The Launch Pad sex position is a favorite among Bad teens Bible readers. It’s super pleasurable and has the pleasant feeling of your man being on top of you, dominating you.

Rear entry sexual positions described and explained, with high quality sex positions pictures.