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Common illnesses and medication may hinder sexual functioning after age 50. But you can learn how to regain physical intimacy. By Natasha Persaud

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Christopher Miller* is a real estate agent who is married and has two sons. About five years ago, at age 56, Mr. Miller was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After a great deal of research and consultations with five doctors, Mr. Miller decided to have a radical prostatectomy. [Editor’s note: The

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The following table shows the frequency of ability to ejaculate by type of spinal cord injury and stimulation method.; Masturbation or coitus Penile vibratory stimulation AchE

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some doctors advocate masturbation after prostate cancer treatment to decrease impotence risk

Michael A. Perelman, Ph.D. N. Y. Weill Cornell Medical Center. New York, N.Y. USA. February 2009 . Retarded ejaculation (RE) is probably the least common, and least understood, of all the male sexual dysfunctions. RE is one of the diminished ejaculatory disorders (DED), which is a s

Tenga (Japanese: テンガ) is a Japanese brand of male masturbation aids by the company of the same name. Masturbation aids (masturbators), personal lubricants, and other related products are sold under this brand.

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An overly sensitive penis could cause sex sessions to end much too soon. At-home training sessions and a few sex techniques could help to ease the problem.

I didn’t know for a fact if masturbation was wrong or not–but something deep in my heart told me it wasn’t God’s best. Here’s what I discovered.

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Dr John ET Pillinger, GP, provides answers to questions from the Ask the doctor service. Questions. Does masturbation cause ED? Are erection problems temporary?