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Teen Study Of Teen Sleep 52

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Parents’ and teens’ overall assessment of the role of cell phones in their livesParents and teens have quite similar overall attitudes about the

Th R l f Sl i th Lif f TThe Role of Sleep in the Life of a Teen • Sleep plays a vital role as cents develop and go through the maturation processmaturation process.

It can be tempting to trade sleep for a few precious hours of wakefulness, but it is important to consider the hidden costs. Sleep is precious, too. Numerous studies have found that insufficient sleep increases a person’s risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes

Articles About Teen Depression. Acne Treatments Linked to Increased Likelihood of Teen Depression, Suicide Attempts . people who have bad acne may be at increased risk for depression.

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For more, visit TIME Health. Women who get more shut-eye generally have more sex, according to researchers from the University of Michigan, who spent over two weeks tracking the sleep and sexual patterns of 171 women. The study discovered that not only did more sleep for women lead to more sex

The argument for setting strict rules on cell phone usage after a teen’s bedtime just got stronger. It is becoming increasingly clear that late-night phone use, often called vamping, not only interferes with people’s sleep patterns, it …

Teen texting — How to talk to your teen about the potential dangers of texting.

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Sturdy, stylish and fun to decorate, our GREENGUARD Gold Certified Sleep + Study Loft Bed has everything you need in one charming package. It features a loft bed over a compact desk with ample storage space, including shelving on both sides and a …