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Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. A 2013 survey by the APA found that stress is extremely common among teenagers. Teenagers who responded to the survey report they’re experiencing what they think are unhealthy levels of stress, especially during the college year. In fact, college is the top

Prom is a great time to celebrate the end of the year, the start of summer, andRead more »

Quizzes. Are you smart and safe online? What type of Internet user are you? Take the quizzes to find out!

Sex is a topic that is met with many questions and answers. There are a lot of myths about sex so being well-informed about it helps you to have better sex

Kurbo helps s and teens develop healthy eating and exercise habits that benefit the whole family with expert health coaching & a mobile app. Try free!

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We use used to + verb for talking about states or actions that were true or happened in the past, but are not true or do not happen now.

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1 Easy Ways for Teens to Learn Leadership Skills We need effective leaders We need responsible and effective leaders in our communities, our cities, our country and

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Many people are surprised to learn what counts as a drink. The amount of liquid in your glass, can, or bottle is not necessarily equal to how much alcohol is in your drink.

Get the facts about how marijuana affects your brain and body.

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YouthForce University (YFU) is a career readiness program teens participate in alongside of their YouthForce internships. Interns benefit from career Read More

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