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Revealing the Secrets of Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation. The benefits of inner fire meditation and how to practise it.

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Tibetan Medicine is not yet licensed and regulated in America. Due to this Tsundu and Nashalla are not recognized as licensed doctors by the FDA, AMA or by any regulatory body within the USA.

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We have expanded the Boulder Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic! Please come see us at our new location! We are very excited about …

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It’s believed that this test, called the ‘Tibetan personality test’ was put together by the Dalai Lama. To complete it properly, you need to think abstractly. Don’t spend too much time focusing on each exercise; just go with the …

Monk Proposes Self Immolation Over Politics in Tibetan Exile. February 24, 2018 | TJ editor. A Tibetan refugee monk from South India has proposed of self immolation over the rising dirty politics in the Tibetan exile community according to a …

Shyam Dodge is a former Hindu monk, author, and satirist. He is currently a student of religion at Harvard University. His memoir, Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi, enjoys a cult following in the United States and Europe, both for …

The Five Tibetan Rites enhance mental clarity and memory, balance hormones, improve health and support emotional well-being.

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Today I found out that some Tibetan monks can control the temperature of their skin through meditation. Specifically, they have been shown to be able to raise their skin temperature, measured from their toes and fingers, as much as 17 degrees Fahrenheit, while their core temperature stays normal.

The Tibetan Plateau’s shape may be due to the Asian plate having a strong western side and weak eastern side, leading to the plateau’s …