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OKB-155; Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau

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This unique archive is an exhaustive collection of drawings, photographs and documents relating to the codes and practices of the Russian Criminal Tattoo.

HYDROFOILS and ADVANCED MARINE VEHICLES. Welcome to the RUSSIAN HYDROFOIL page Konstantin Matveev, Ph.D. Caltech Associate professor (effective August 2012) at Washington State University

Kamov JSC (Russian: Камов) is a Russian rotorcraft manufacturing company based in Lyubertsy, Russia.. The Kamov Design Bureau (design office prefix Ka) has more recently specialised in compact helicopters with coaxial rotors, suitable for naval service and high-speed operations.

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The first film in Russia covering the 100-year history of the development of Russian design will air on TV Culture Russia on May 28 – 31.

1 Russian approach to Aircraft Design and Aeronautical Education Vladimir Zhuravlev. Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia. EWADE 2011. Naples, Italy

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Clocks. Kibardin’s clocks are always a unique and innovative way of displaying time. One of these awesome timepieces is the perfect solution, whether you want to use your clock as an eye-catching detail in any interior, or just to display something revolutionary with perfect balance in design and function.

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The JSC “KBP named after Academician A.Shipunov” is one of the leading design companies in the Russian defense industry. It has developed over 140 models of weapons and military equipment, which were put into series production and introduced in service with the Russian Army.

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Straight from mother Russia and from patient and ambitious designers comes this collection of 61 free Russian fonts.

Novus Design Studio – Terrain & Buildings that make ordinary miniature tabletop wargames extraordinary!