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Jul 24, 2007 · Ivy had been eating tuna sushi almost every day. But before becoming pregnant, she wisely had a checkup, which revealed high levels of mercury in her blood that could damage a fetus. Shocked, she stopped eating tuna and postponed pregnancy until the mercury had cleared her system. Last month she

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Eating Shrimp During Pregnancy. While it is good to be cautious about your diet, there are a number of types of seafood that are safe to eat, including shrimp.

You’re pregnant. Congratulations…and don’t panic! If healthy eating hasn’t been a habit, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to make a change you (and your family) will benefit from for decades.

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How safe are the prawns YOU’RE eating? Farmed shrimp found to contain traces of E.coli, MRSA and salmonella. Study found 60% …

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How to Catch Shrimp. Do you live near the coast? Are you sick of paying $10.99 for a pound of shrimp? If so, you may be able to catch your own shrimp with just a little bit of time, a little bit of effort, and best yet not a whole lot of

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Are you wondering if eating shrimp during pregnancy safe for you and your baby? This article covers the effects of eating shrimp while pregnant.

Stomach pains that last for three days after eating shrimp are probably caused by food poisoning. Shellfish can carry infectious organisms that can cause

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Some types of sushi, such as California rolls (which contain steamed crab) and cooked eel, are fine to eat while you’re pregnant. But you should avoid eating the kinds that contain raw seafood, such as tuna

Shrimp nutrition can have some benefits, but is shrimp healthy? Given the pollutants and unsafe farming practices, it’s hard to say yes. Find out why.

Get advice from WebMD on healthy eating and good nutrition during pregnancy.