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Name origin and variations. Etymologically, the word samizdat derives from sam (Russian: сам, “self, by oneself”) and izdat (Russian: издат, an abbreviation of издательство, izdatel’stvo, “publishing house”), and thus means “self-published”.

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The IAGS Journal of Energy Security (JES) relies solely on the generosity of our donors to be able to deliver information, research, insight and hard data on global energy security …

The International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and Control covers theoretical, numerical and experimental works advancing knowledge of …

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The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology issued a report on March 1, 2018, detailing how Russian-supported entities teamed up with U.S. environmental groups to use social media to raise arguments against the production of …

Journal of Mathematical Sciences provides English translations from outstanding Russian-and Ukrainian-language publications of authoritative reports on current mathematical advances.

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Ziva Rodann Pictures – Private Life and Times of Ziva Rodann. Ziva Rodann Photo Gallery. Ziva Rodann (Ziva Shapir); Glamour teens of the Silver Screen – The Private Lives and Times of Some of the Most Glamorous Actresses and …

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Aims and Scope: The Journal of Advances in Nano Research is an international and interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal. The journal aims to integrate high quality contributions from scientists and engineers alike into a single source of information that serves broad scientific audience.

In Memory of Chief Yeoman of Signals George Smith, DSM, Royal Navy 1904-28 (Part 2 of 7)

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Aluminum from United Co. Rusal, the recently sanctioned Russian miner, is looking for a new home. But nobody knows where that home can be. Rusal produced 3.7 million tons of aluminum last year, but U.S. sanctions mean that almost no Western buyer, or Washington’s allies like Japan, will touch the

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More than 40 years in publication through 2007, the monthly Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal is devoted to scientific and technical research on the creation of new drugs and the improvement of manufacturing technology of drugs and

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