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Central facial palsy (colloquially referred to as central seven) is a symptom or finding characterized by paralysis or paresis of the lower half of one side of the face.It usually results from damage to upper motor neurons of the facial nerve.

Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome (BVVL) is a rare neurological condition affecting infants, ren and adults.

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Bell’s palsy is the most common cause of acute facial nerve paralysis. There is no known cause of Bell’s palsy, although it has been associated with …

Bell’s palsy is one of the most common causes of facial paralysis and the most well-known, it is thought to be viral in origin.

A surgeon is using electrical stimulation as part of an advanced surgical technique to treat Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes paralysis on one side of a patient’s face.

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Facial Nerve Disorders – Paralysis and Bell’s Palsy. Face injuries and disorders can cause pain and affect how you look. In severe cases, they can affect sight, speech, breathing and your ability to swallow.

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Learning Objectives. Learn the basic anatomy of facial muscle control. Recognize the common clinical presentation of Bell’s palsy and ischemic stroke.

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Facial paralysis is when you lose the ability to move your face due to never damage. Learn more about the causes and treatments of facial paralysis. Bell’s palsy, a head or neck tumor, and middle ear infection can all be causes.

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