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What is the evidence for antibiotics for group B strep during labor? Are there any alternatives? Can hibiclens, garlic, or probiotics treat GBS?

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A group B strep infection (GBS) may cause serious infections in pregnant women and newborns. Read about symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

What is group B strep? Group B strep is a type of bacteria called streptococcal bacteria. It’s very common – up to 2 in 5 people have it living in their body, usually in the rectum or vagina.

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Group B strep (GBS) can be very harmful to your baby during pregnancy. Learn how to protect yourself and your baby from GBS. Includes symptoms and treatments.

Group B streptococcus infection, also known as Group B streptococcal disease, is the infection caused by the bacterium Streptococcus agalactiae (S. agalactiae) (also known as group B streptococcus or GBS).

Group B Strep (GBS) Preventing early and late onset GBS. Includes alternative prevention strategies

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During a group B strep test, your health care provider will swab your vagina and rectum and send the samples to a lab for testing. In some cases, you might receive instructions on how to collect the samples yourself.

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In this patient education FAQ, learn how Group B strep affects women during pregnancy and their newborns, including testing and treatment for GBS.

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Group B Strep Infection is a bacterial infection that can be found in a woman’s vagina or rectum and passed to the baby during delivery.

Group B streptococcus (strep) is a common bacterium often carried in your intestines or lower genital tract. Group B strep is usually harmless in adults. In newborns, however, it can cause a serious illness known as group B strep disease. Group B strep can also cause dangerous infections in adults