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Everyon has insecurities the only thing making you a loser is declaring that you are! look in the mirror daily & say ‘I love you’ this will break the negative cycle

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I’m insecure about a few things. I think most guys are to a degree. Some are insecure about their careers. Others are insecure about their relationships, or lack thereof. But there’s something about physical insecurities. They’re deep seeded and debilitating. And they’re easily exploited by

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‘I look like a PIG’: Emotional Chloe Ferry breaks down as she reveals deep insecurities over her nose on dramatic make-under TV show as she plans a second rhinoplasty

An amputee who was cruelly nicknamed ‘peg-leg’ by college bullies has conquered her insecurities to become a model. Taylor Crisp, 19, from Leicester, was born with femur fibula ulna syndrome, which left her with a shortened femur on her right leg, no kneecap or ankle and a missing toe, had to have leg amputated at 15 after an MRSA infection.

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If you ever wanted to know how an alpha male behaves in his relationships, then this article is for you! Learn about the mindset of a real alpha

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The Jerkass Façade trope as used in popular culture. The character acts like either a heartless bastard or otherwise obnoxious Jerkass when he really isn’t.

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One of the things that I discovered through various relationships and not just romantically, is that you can share information about yourself but as soon as it leaves your mouth, you have no control over how it will be perceived and what impact it …

Many people live a life of insecurity and loneliness. Here are 10 things you can do today to learn how to feel better and improve mentally and physically.

Many of these changes are thanks to media images—and the 300 movie series is leading the way in the promotion of unrealistic male body standards (buttressed by video games and clothing ads featuring scantily clad men).