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Creating efficiency in Oil & Gas production. Air Liquide is a long-term partner that values operational excellence and recognizes the importance of delivering the reliability demanded by the oil and gas industry at every step in the value chain.

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PSA Series Part 1: Hydrogen Purification Overview PSA Series Part 2: Revamps PSA Series Part 3: Innovation and the Purity Guard System 50 Years of Innovation in Hydrogen Processing The first industrial application of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) went on stream in 1966.

Hydrogen Fuelled Electricity Generation . The Hydrogen Economy . Hydrogen is being promoted as the perfect environmentally friendly fuel of the future.

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MVS Engineering one of the leading industrial gas manufacturers company in India. MVS offers nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, hydrogen gas equipment across the world.

SAMIA COMBUSTION is constantly researching & developing cutting edge solution for Oil & Gas burners to reach best performances and lowest emission in

Global Trends and Outlook for Hydrogen 7 3. Hydrogen: Uses, Sources and Production Methods 3.1 The Existing Industry Today, hydrogen is used in the refining industry as a petrochemical for hydrocracking and desulphurization.

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Steam reforming is a method for producing hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or other useful products from hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas.This is achieved in a processing device called a reformer which reacts steam at high temperature with the fossil fuel.

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There are numerous possible sources for producing hydrogen including: Electrolysis of water – Using electricity, it is easy to split water molecules to create pure hydrogen …

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Hydrogen is one of the key starting materials used in the chemical industry. It is a fundamental building block for the manufacture of ammonia, and hence fertilizers, and of methanol, used in the manufacture of many polymers.

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The removal of CO 2 and N 2 from natural gas: A review of conventional and emerging process technologies