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Why aren’t the Japanese having sex? Sex in Japan is easy (to understand) when you look at these 4 simple factors.

These are the Federal Rules of Evidence, as amended to December 1, 2015. Click on any rule to read it.

Why become a premium member? Your personal matchmaker is actively working for you, attending events, meeting eligible singles, and out …

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The Golden Rule (which can be considered a law of reciprocity in some religions) is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures.

Savage Love is a syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage.The column appears weekly in several dozen newspapers, mainly free newspapers in the US and Canada, but also newspapers in Europe and Asia.

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Jul 07, 2015 · The University of Minnesota is joining a national movement requiring students to obtain “affirmative consent” from their sex partners or …

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With all the sophistication of modern metering system, it seems like the good ol’ Sunny 16 Rule can be dismissed as one of the old relics of the film era. But it is still a valid and useful rule nonetheless, and one that can teach growing photographers about the principles of metering.

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Gives you the low down on anal sex positions and techniques

“This is our third date, and we both know what that means.” On a classic episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard learns about the third date rule – the idea that the third date is the “sex date,” the date when it is deemed appropriate for a new couple to have sex. Is this a dating rule that

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The Trump administration plans to eliminate an Obama-era regulation that opponents say requires faith-based hospitals, insurance providers and doctors to perform, provide and cover gender-reassignment surgeries and procedures …

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