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“My concern is that Israel’s next false flag may involve high-yield nuclear missiles. These could conceivably attack America cloaked as Russian bombers, or Russia cloaked as American bombers, igniting a Third World War to produce the coveted World Government.” -James Perlof

The Crimean Peninsula, claimed and de facto administered by Russia, is recognized as territory of Ukraine by a majority of UN member nations.; The Belavezha Accords was signed in Brest, Belarus on December 8, creating the Commonwealth of Independent States in which the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR ratified the accords on …

During the period of the Slovenian national awakening and the Slovenian people’s increasing national awareness, the linden tree became one of the symbols of the Slovenian nation, in contrast to the oak tree, a symbol of the German nation, or for example, the birch tree, which is associated with Russia and the Russian nation.

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Looking for Cambodia News: or Khmer News: , or current situation in Cambodia, is the site for you. is the Cambodian Information Center (CIC) providing relevant and informative information about Cambodia and its people.

WHITE HOUSE – Earlier today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments against 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities for meddling in the 2016 Presidential election, which began in 2014 before the President declared his candidacy.

‘The Dragon Legacy’ The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodlin e By Nicholas Devere The ‘Dragon Legacy’ outlines in detail the history of an Ancient Bloodline, revealing many mysteries from our past, including the importance of Dragon bloodlines. the kind of magic that once existed and how it was lost.

The Russian Empire (Russian: Российская Империя) or Russia was an empire that existed across Eurasia and North America from 1721, following the end of the Great Northern War, until the Republic was proclaimed by the Provisional Government that took power after the February Revolution of 1917.

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Mar 17, 2014 · Ukraine’s interim President vows never to accept a Russian annexation of Crimea and announces steps to bolster his military during a standoff with Moscow.

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Russian military exercises sparked concern in its tiny neighbor Latvia on Wednesday, forcing the Baltic country to close parts of its commercial airspace and grumble about Russian intimidation. Moscow had announced its intention earlier in the week to conduct military drills off of its enclave

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The Supremacy of the Son of God – The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in …