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Fr. Mason, thank you for this article. It is part of a needed critique, I believe, of the modern Church. A concern that I have – related to this one of effeminacy among seminarians and priests – is effeminacy in the Liturgy, in the vestments, …

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London events in July Here’s your definitive guide to the best events and things to do happening throughout London in July 2018

r8 That has been asked with other Mormons and apparently they have no position on it. Some are, some aren’t. Someone on another site claimed that they walked in on him in his dressing room.

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Originally treated as a subversion of the standard gay stereotypes, the Straight Gay is a homosexual character who has no camp mannerisms or obviously “gay” affectations. In the earliest cases, Straight Gays were mostly there for farcical reasons: perhaps as a misunderstanding in which a straight

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There were no stairs in their houses, because they did not need them, but on a level surface they generally walked just as we do.

Earlier this week, the subject of coworkers who routinely and regularly mispronounce a word came up in the comments, with several people mentioning that they have coworkers who keep mispronouncing the same word over and over. So when that happens, is there a way for you to speak up and let them know

These were very numerous, for the place was thickly inhabited, and a large group of the queer people clustered near, gazing sharply upon the strangers who had emerged from the long spiral stairway.

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Character: Mr Whipple Sold: Charmin Toilet Paper Catchphrase: “Please Don’t Squeeze The Charmin” Real Name: Dick Wilson (Born 1916 in England) Probably best known outside of his commercials for being the drunk on the TV show Bewitched, I must say I love the hypocritical Mr Wilson.Always on the look out, not for shoplifters, but for people …

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The Sissy Villain, as his name would suggest, is a man whose heart is as twisted as his wrist is limp. Due to social stigmas against male femininity and ” …

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